Wednesday, October 15, 2008 also promotes Antivirus 2009 Protection. This site is also official (what a strange coincidence) and… unsafe. Stay away from as it contains malicious scripts. Another danger comes from related hijacker and adware. Remove hijacker and adware to stop computer performance deterioration they bring. Antivirus 2009 Protection hijacker adjusts your browser to set as its home-page and attempts to take over your browsing, while adware generates annoying alerts and introduces malicious entries to System Registry that results in slow computer problem; in addition, notorious Antivirus 2009 Protection unregistered copy may be secretly installed from or by trojans included into adware. Immediately perform removal and sweep away related rogues to stave off further development of malware. We recommend trusted malware removal tool - Spyware Doctor with free scanner to this purpose (follow the link below). snapshots: technical details:
IP Location Canada - Ontario - Brampton - Velcom
Domain Status: Registered

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