Wednesday, October 22, 2008 is another site pretending to be online virus and malware scanner. At the end of the scan, browser is redirected to link prompting to download free copy of certain fake malware removal tool and privacy protector, it is usually WinSpywareProtect. In case of low security preferences and luck of reliable security software installed at your PC, you might have this free copy without unneeded noise, if not to pay attention that your agreement was also unnecessary. You need to remove related malware as that stuff would not leave you before total system fall-down. The malware related to requests purchase of its full version and bombards users with endless alerts, as well as hijacks browser home page. Stay away from sites like and get rid of related malware and hijacker to stop your PC systematic destruction.
Follow the link below to remove related malware and hijacker, and to download Spyware Doctor with free scanner for timely and effective malware and viruses monitoring and destruction. screenshot: automatical remover:

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