Monday, June 25, 2012 has been found in the scripts of redirect and browser changing infections. The scripts instruct those viruses to modify users browsing experiences by interfering into web-surfing and changing browser interface.
The latter includes attachment of annoying toolbar into browser windows. The toolbar uninstalling is blocked by the malware. Even if it let you remove browser extension for a few days, sooner or later the virus restores the unwanted add-on.
Free scanner available here is a reasonable substitution to laborious and tricky manual removal of issue – follow the suggested link to dispose of the intrusive browser extension and redirect. snapshot: tech details:
   webpick ltd

   Registered through:, LLC (
   Domain Name: GBOXAPP.COM

   Domain servers in listed order:

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ran berg said...

This is a false comment!I am using this up and it's clean from viruses.