Monday, December 19, 2011 hijacker \ redirector boosters do not consult opinion of most of its visitors whether they want to see the page repeatedly. Instead,they have concocted generic malware that breaks through weak PC protection mechanisms primarily targeting Windows computers. Once entering into attacked machine the infection creates registry startup values to run independently and be able to launch browser at infected PC.
Its payload is focused on redirecting user to the above webpage. In response, most of the people suffering of the redirect are struggling to remove by changing, adjusting favorite browser etc. All they actually need is to get rid of related virus (the program described above).
Click here to eliminate bad habit of your browser(s) grafted by cyber disease that is subject to elimination on completing free scan; simply order removal of all the threats as disclosed by free scanner. domain and server details:
 Visicom Media inc.
 6200 Boul Taschereau
 Office 304
 Brossard, Quebec J4W 3J8


Administrative Contact:
 Tremblay, Dominique
 6200 Taschereau blvd. #304
 Brossard, Quebec J4W 3J8

Technical Contact:
 Khettaf, Mohamed
 6200 Taschereau
 suite 304
 Brossard, quebec j4w 3j8

Record expires on 02-03-2012
Record created on 02-03-2011

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